Wounded Veteran Reaches Summit of Mount Everest

Several wounded American veterans are tackling one of the most formidable physical challenges in the world—climbing Mount Everest—and one has already reached the summit.

Staff Sgt. Charlie Linville became the first to make it to the top of the world on Thursday, ABC's Good Morning America reported. Linville lost a portion of his right leg in Afghanistan in 2011.

Linville is climbing with The Heroes Project, an organization that helps wounded veterans climb mountains and works to encourage increased community services for veterans and talk about their needs in the media.

Another veteran, Staff Sgt. Chad Jukes is expected to reach the summit on Monday. Jukes also lost his right leg in Iraq. Jukes is part of a team with the USX Veteran Everest Expedition, which includes two other Army veterans. Their hope is to inspire other veterans to not despair and to seek the help they need and to overcome the obstacles that exist due to their service.

One member of the USX climbing team is bringing the pictures of two fallen soldiers to the top as a tribute to them.

The climb is difficult for those who haven't suffered the traumatic injuries that these warriors have faced, and even more inspiring after counting for the rehabilitation first endured as well as the adjustment to prosthetic limbs.