‘The View’ Hosts Slam Megyn Kelly for Not Giving ‘Authentic’ Apology for Fat-Shaming Comments

• January 12, 2018 12:52 pm


The ladies of "The View" on Friday blasted NBC host Megyn Kelly for her "fat-shaming" comments the prior day, accusing her of not being "authentic" in her apology.

The co-hosts started their conversation about Kelly by playing a clip of her conducting an interview with "online health Guru, the Fit Mom."

"Some of us want to be shamed. When I was in law school and I was gaining weight, I said to my step father, ‘If you see me going towards that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going fata—,"" Kelly jested, trailing off on her last word. "And it worked."

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg told "The View" audience that "this wasn't working for her" and noted that Kelly had to issue a statement the next morning to apologize.

"I said something yesterday on this show that clearly struck a nerve," Kelly said in her apology on NBC on Friday. "We were discussing body shaming others, something I absolutely do not support, in fact quite the opposite … Please know I would never encourage that [body shaming] towards any person."

"She's so authentic," guest Wendy Williams said sarcastically as the co-hosts and audience members responded with laughter.

Joy Behar said the issue with Kelly's comments was that she was trying to be funny and she is not a comedian.

"The problem is that she's not a comedian," Behar said. "I think that she was trying to be funny."

Behar said that if Kelly told the joke the right way, she would have the blowback come on the father and not herself.

"People who are not comics should not do it," she added.

Meghan McCain had a lot to say on the matter, adding that she has been fat shamed her whole career.  

"I've never had to lose a pound, I got a hot husband, I got a cool job, I've never lost weight for anything," McCain said.