Stephen King Calls Train Crash Involving GOP Lawmakers 'Karma'


Author Stephen King / Getty Images
February 1, 2018

Author Stephen King said Thursday it was "karma" that a train carrying Republican lawmakers to an annual retreat crashed into a garbage truck the prior day.

In a tweet, King juxtaposed the "pricey retreat" to the disposal truck that was struck by the Amtrak train after the truck entered a railroad crossing. The GOP members of Congress and some family members were traveling to their annual retreat in West Virginia.

One of the three men in the truck at the time of the crash died as a result of the impact.  

"A trainload of Republicans on their way to a pricey retreat hit a garbage truck. My friend Russ calls that karma," King tweeted on Thursday.

Twenty minutes later, the author posted a followup tweet, lamenting that "of course" he was sorry the crash resulted in a death.

"Of COURSE sorry the truck driver died," King tweeted.

A few hours later, King reiterated his apology for those who thought it was "necessary."  He noted that while Republican politicians can be "heartless when they vote," they "immediately got out to help" those injured.

King is an outspoken critic of the Republican Party.

UPDATED 2/2/2018 10:35 A.M.: This piece was updated with an additional response from King on Thursday afternoon.

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