Report: MSNBC Guest Who Challenged Trump to a Fight Is Dating His Second Wife

Donny Deutsch
Donny Deutsch / Getty Images
January 18, 2018

Television personality and MSNBC's "Morning Joe" contributor Donny Deutsch is dating President Donald Trump's second wife, Marla Maples, according to multiple sources.

Deutsch, who challenged Trump to a schoolyard fight last June and has been vocally critical of the president on-air, was spotted dining cozily at the Polo Bar in New York City on Tuesday night, Page Six reported.

"It was their first or second date," a source said. "She looked amazing."

Another source confirmed Deutsch and Maples are in the early stages of a relationship, according to Page Six.

Diners were gobsmacked when Maples — married to Trump from 1993-99 and who had daughter Tiffany Trump — joined the ad mogul and outspoken "Morning Joe" contributor at his table.

The pair left together in his car. We can only speculate about the pillow talk.

Deutsch has consistently railed against the president, calling Trump a "sociopath" and said, "I’ve known him for 20 years . . . He’s not the same guy. You can see it in his eyes and in his speech pattern, and most frighteningly his behavior."

Back in October, Deutsch compared Trump to Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by dozens of women over the course of three plus decades.

"Like our president, everything is about him, how it affects him," Deutsch said. "I’m not calling our president a sexual predator, but there are a lot of parallels in the psyche of these two guys."