Lisa Bloom on Spat With Her Mom Over Representing Weinstein: ‘That Was Very Hurtful’

• November 10, 2017 12:36 pm


Lisa Bloom appeared on "The View" Friday and talked about the rift between her and her mother, civil-rights attorney Gloria Allred, due to Bloom's decision to help represent Harvey Weinstein after decades of sexual harassment allegations emerged against him.

Bloom is an outspoken feminist and was sharply criticized for agreeing to assist Weinstein; scores of women have accused him various forms of sexual misconduct, including rape. Shortly after it was revealed Bloom was among those advising Weinstein, she resigned.

Allred said in a statement that she would have declined the chance to represent Weinstein, saying "I only represent those who allege that they are victims of sexual harassment."

New co-host Meghan McCain asked Bloom about the spat.

"Your mother is the famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. And she publicly came out and criticized you," McCain said to applause from the audience.

"I have a famous parent," McCain continued. "If one of my parents did that, I think it would break me to no end. There's something about doing something about your parents and children publicly that I think would just kill me. How did you react to that and are you talking?"

"That was very hurtful. I would have preferred a phone call," Bloom said.

"But listen, my mom is a great fighter for women's rights. She's smart. She's feisty. She's a role model for me and a role model for many many people. I think we're going to work this out. Two strong women butting heads, this is not the first time. We're not the only mother and daughter who has ever had an issue. Right?" Bloom said.

"But is it hurtful to you?" McCain asked.

"Yes of course," Bloom said.

"But I'm also—listen—over the years we had issues. We've always worked them out. We're going to work it out," Bloom said to applause.

Bloom has also been criticized by former client Kathy Griffin for "fame-whoring" during her handling of the controversial photo of Griffin holding President Donald Trump's severed head.

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