Baltimore Residents to Hold Ceasefire Weekend, 'Nobody Kill Anybody for 72 Hours'

Baltimore Ceasefire flyer / Facebook
July 21, 2017

Local Maryland group Baltimore Ceasefire is calling for a murder-free weekend in Baltimore using the slogan "Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours."

The ceasefire weekend will be held the first weekend in August as a response to Baltimore's rising homicide rate. Nearly 200 residents have been killed this year, according to ABC WMAR Baltimore.

"The goal is for everyone in the city to know that Baltimore is committing to no shootings, no stabbings, etc... no murders during the first weekend in August. WE CAN DO IT! Let's go," the Baltimore Ceasefire's Facebook page states.

Baltimore Ceasefire flyer / Facebook

The group is collecting donations through PayPal leading up to the ceasefire weekend. The money will be given to the first family to lose someone to violence after the weekend or during the weekend.

Baltimore Ceasefire's organizers are asking the city's residents to accept the "#BaltimorePeaceChallenge," and are selling t-shirts to spread the word. Profits from the shirts will be used to "buy materials to FLOOD Baltimore with the message, '#NobodyKillAnybody August 4th through August 6th,'" according to the organization's Facebook page.

Hundreds of Baltimore citizens have already made the pledge of nonviolence for the August weekend, according to the Baltimore Ceasefire organizers.

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