American Airlines Loses Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor's Prosthetic Leg

Adrianne Haslet-Davis / AP
November 20, 2015

Professional dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist attack. On Thursday night, American Airlines lost her prosthetic leg along with the rest of her luggage.

Haslet-Davis tweeted to the airliner "u lost my luggage w over $250k of leg & dance parts. I have an entire team on u. Pls respond, been days can't dance."

Thanks to a prosthetic left leg made by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab for her, Haslet-David publicly danced at a 2014 TED Conference in British Columbia.

In an odd PR move, American Airlines made a public statement claiming they found the prosthetic leg but did not call the Boston Marathon survivor, even though they had her number.

Haslet-Davis followed up on Friday, tweeting that her bag "went to a country I've never been to."

"We're terribly sorry we lost this bag and we're working directly with the customer to get it back to her just as soon as possible," an American Airlines spokesman said.

The professional dancer finally confirmed the airliner had found her luggage and her leg. In a classy move, Haslet-Davis hinted she will be working with American Airlines in some capacity to support amputees and thanked the company for listening.

Upon the conclusion of the ordeal, Haslet-Davis called for an end to the backlash American Airlines was facing.

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