Lies, Damn Lies, and HuffPo

AP Images

Chris Christie is arguably the most popular Republican politician in America: 3 of 4 voters in the solidly blue New Jersey approve of the job he's doing, and he's a solid frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2016.

So, naturally, the media is lying about him in an attempt to destroy him. What's the quickest way to tear a GOP pol down? HE'S RACIST!

Oh my god, did you hear that Chris Christie called a black man boy? God, what a racist. Doesn't he understand that that term is loaded and pejorative and …

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Wait, what? he said "Boy, I hear you!" As an interjection? He didn't actually call the speaker "boy"? He didn't say "Why, you there, boy! Go fetch me a drink!" He didn't say "Boy, shut up and listen to your betters talk?" He said "Boy, I hear you," a common phrase that could just as easily have been "Man, I hear you!" or "Dude, I hear you!" or "Geez, I hear you"?

Are you freaking serious, HuffPo? I get that you need to tear down this threat to the Democratic Party. But are you serious? This is how you're going to do it?

Insane. And despicable! But not surprising.