Can You Hear Me Now? (New Substandard)

Photo by Joe Haupt

Due to technical difficulties, this week's Substandard (subscribe, tell your friends, leave a review) is less than stellar. I know, that's not exactly saying much. But if you care to listen to what we are calling the Bootleg Episode, we apologize in advance for the inferior sound quality. Just try to picture the Maxwell House Coffee Time radio shows. Or Woody Allen's Radio Days. Or Gene Shepherd. And don't forget to drink your Ovaltine!

Actually the sound quality is akin to that Marion Barry ("The bitch set me up!") sting operation. All that aside, it was a pretty good episode. We lament the passing of Tom Petty, who has never before been mentioned on the show, ahem. "Into the Great Wide Open" is still a favorite video of mine. We get into game shows: Sonny loved those whammies on Press Your Luck. Jonathan was a fan of The Price is Right. And I loved Match Game, just for the repartee!

And then Sonny reviews Battle of the Sexes and Jonathan has a heartfelt tribute to Billie Jean King. Not really, but it's quite entertaining.

Next week we promise a return to pure listening pleasure—technically speaking. Content-wise, well, I'm sure it'll be fine.