'What the Hell Is Happening?': Aides Alarmed at Hunter Biden's Presence in WH Meetings

Former crackhead advising President Biden ahead of 'exclusive' interview with Bill Clinton's lap dog

(Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
July 2, 2024

Hunter Biden, the former degenerate crackhead and phallus-obsessed prostitute addict with a penchant for racial slurs, was "one of the strongest voices" urging President Joe Biden, 81, to stay in the race during a special family gathering at Camp David over the weekend.

Top Biden Adviser Used Racial Slurs, Smoked Crack in Strip Club, Called Dr. Jill 'Entitled C—t'

President Biden has "long leaned on" his 54-year-old baby boy for advice, but senior aides were understandably surprised when Hunter Biden joined them for meetings at the White House this week to discuss the fallout from the debate. For the time being at least, Joe Biden seems determined to take his son's advice and keep running for reelection despite widespread calls for him to withdraw.

Ken Dilanian of NBC News reports: "Hunter Biden has joined meetings with President Biden and his top aides this week at the White House, four people familiar with the matter tell my colleagues, who are told the reaction from some senior White House staff has been, 'What the hell is happening?'"

The news comes as one of Dilanian's mainstream media colleagues at ABC News scored an "exclusive" interview with President Biden—his first (ostensibly) unscripted exchange since the debate. The network's top anchor, George Stephanopoulos, a longtime Democratic aide who served as senior adviser to President Bill Clinton and donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, will do the honors.

A portion of the pre-recorded interview will be released Friday; the extended version will air Sunday after what we can only assume will be an extensive editing process.