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Josh Peterson is an independent journalist contributing to the Free Beacon, Urban News Service, and The Federalist. Peterson regularly covers technology politics, national security, and culture.

Emergency responder drill

Critical Nationwide Network for First Responders Continues to Be Delayed

Little progress 15 years after 9/11 Commission called for integrated data, voice systems

March 13, 2017
Ash Carter

Defense Secretary Carter Seeks Relationship With Tech Industry

Defense Department spending $35 billion to modernize and secure department’s networks

June 13, 2016
Donald Trump

Trump’s Twitter Followed by Millions of Inactive or Fake Accounts

Observers note coordination of fake accounts in pro-Trump Twitter activity

April 11, 2016

Two Suits Challenge FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

New FCC rules regulate internet providers under same rules as phone companies

March 26, 2015

Net Neutrality to Face Lawsuits, Congressional Investigations

Fight over Internet regulation not over

February 27, 2015