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Alex is a staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2012. Before joining the Free Beacon, he was a writer for Mediaite and The Daily Caller. He is originally from Buffalo, New York, but regrettably now lives in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at

Bernie Sanders Michael Bloomberg

Health Records, Heart Attacks Take Center Stage Ahead of Nevada Debate

Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg's campaigns trade shots over which of the 78-year-olds did and did not have a heart attack

February 19, 2020

Chris Murphy Admits He Secretly Met With Iranian Foreign Minister

Javad Zarif was sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department last August.

February 18, 2020

Pro-Choice PAC EMILY's List Testing Attack Ad on Bernie Sanders

The ad would've compared the socialist senator to President Donald Trump

February 14, 2020

Bloomberg Adviser Gets Short With NYT Reporter About Candidate's Height

Bloomberg has history of telling tall tales about his height

February 13, 2020

Pete Buttigieg Refuses to Answer Half of NYT Foreign Policy Survey

Former mayor did not answer a single question on China, U.S. cyber policy, NATO, or Afghanistan

February 7, 2020

Acronym Seeking New Chief of Staff After Iowa Caucus Debacle

The dark money group that derailed the Democratic Iowa caucus is now hiring

February 5, 2020