Sunday Show Roundup: Gang of Eight Optimistic

Gowdy: ‘The Senate bill is not going to pass the House’

June 30, 2013

Anti-Government Protests Sweep Egypt

Activists criticize U.S. Amb. Anne Patterson, Obama for supporting Muslim Brotherhood

June 30, 2013

Rick Harrison of 'Pawn Stars': Over-regulation Hurting Economy

'Basically you have the government regulating and making business more difficult, and you have the Fed trying to compensate for it'

Mitch McConnell

GOP Senators Concerned Over Obamacare Sports League Outreach

McConnell, Cornyn warn against tainting leagues’ brands

June 28, 2013

Senators Ask if NSA Collected Gun Data

Potential to construct gun database, senators say

June 28, 2013

US to Spend $771M on Planes Afghans Can’t Use

SIGAR recommends suspending activity on contracts

June 28, 2013

McFarland Discusses Consequences of Suspected Cartwright Leak

Former Vice Chairman of JCOS under criminal leak investigation about Iranian cyber attack

Watt Backed Waivers Benefitting Donors

Democratic congressman supported duty suspension worth millions to donor

June 28, 2013

Iran ICBM Advances

Iran conducts test of new rocket motor with ICBM capability

June 28, 2013