Hurricane Sandy victims struggle to regain normalcy

Frustration has now turned to anger for many Hurricane Sandy victims after living in limbo for more than six months, and they say the slow response and inaction by the Obama administration is taking its toll.

Obama’s IRS

Six times the IRS has been accused of punishing President Obama's political opponents

Under President Obama the Internal Revenue Service has repeatedly been accused of using its enforcement powers to punish the White House’s political opponents. The Washington Free Beacon has put together six of the most egregious examples.

Soldiers in a Forgotten War

Feature: Reservists prepare to ship out to Afghanistan

Two stories of nondescript red brick stand behind four oak trees and one sapling. The lawn is immaculate. An empty playground stands at the southeast corner. If you walked by the corner of Patrick Avenue and Louisiana Avenue, you’d take it for a public school. But you’d be mistaken. Military bases are far less violent.

SEAL Families Looking for Answers

Claim government officials, military brass have brushed aside concerns

Family members of the fallen SEAL Team Six members shot down in Afghanistan in 2011 said members of Congress and top military brass have ignored their concerns about the circumstances surrounding their sons’ deaths at a press conference at the National Press Club on Thursday.