Obama’s latest ploy to stabilize gas prices would do “the exact opposite”

President Obama’s plan to spend $52 million to impose stricter regulations on the oil market would increase gas price volatility.

Buyer’s Remorse

Democrats increasingly skeptical of Obamacare

Democratic lawmakers are expressing more misgivings over President Obama’s controversial health care law as the Supreme Court weighs whether or not to strike it down as unconstitutional.

Adult Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona Democrat with anti-Israel past, raises concerns among party officials by seeking congressional nomination

A candidate with a lengthy history of anti-Israel activism is on course to gain the Democratic Party’s nomination for a new congressional district in Arizona, raising alarms in party circles.

Dog Eat Dog

Column: To win the coming nasty campaign, Romney must focus on Obama’s record and avoid distractions of news cycle

No one can predict the coming events that will shape the race. Most worrisome: There will be the constant temptation to trade barbs and snarky jibes over electronic media. Call it the Twitter Trap.