Much Remains Unknown on Newtown Shooting, 60 Minutes Reports


'60 Minutes' aired a report Sunday evening reporting that the details remained muddled on the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

Scott Pelley interviewed a variety of Newtown residents on what exactly happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School and what might have pushed the shooter, Adam Lanza, to commit such a heinous crime. Pelley interviewed a high school classmate of Lanza who did not provide much insight on the mass murderer aside from his apparent discomfort speaking in front of class and somewhat unusual choice of school supplies:

He carried a briefcase to every class and that stood out to me because in high school, everyone has backpacks and messager bags.  That stood out to a lot of kids.

The actual events that transpired, starting with Lanza's motive, are still being investigated. Before Lanza made his way to the elementary school, he murdered his mother Nancy and destroyed the computers in their home. Those who knew the Lanza family understood that Adam had Asperger's syndrome and Nancy home-schooled her son.

I know he was on medication, but she home-schooled him at home because he couldn't handle the school classes at times.  That was her life.

It is unknown if Lanza's condition had any involvement in his actions. FBI investigators are busy recovering the data from the computers and intend to subpoena the Lanza's phone and email records from service providers. Contrary to many media reports Friday that misreported Lanza's identity, the weapons he used, his mother's connection to Sandy Hook Elementary, and how many victims there were, most of the actual facts of the case remain to be discovered.

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