Man Crush: Matthews Slobbers Over Clooney


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Thank you so much, George Clooney for the good work you’re doing and congratulations, John Pendergast. And congratulations on your marriage. I’m sure you’re a happier guy for it and George, this is such a trivial matter, but I did vote for you in SAG for the best actor. I did think it was worth it.


GEORGE CLOONEY: If you want to know, I actually voted for you, because I thought you played Chris Matthews in "Ides of March" better than anyone possibly could have done.


MATTHEWS: It was true. A verisimilitude, we call it. Thank you. Not like Julianne Moore did Sarah, but pretty close. I loved the way you played that character over in Hawaii.Thanks for joining us on a serious matter, and we’ll take it seriously. Thanks so much, John Pendergast, and of course, George Clooney for coming on "Hardball."