New Ad Targets Trump’s Shady Past Business Associates: ‘Best Negotiators’


A new ad from the American Future Fund targets Donald Trump for shady past business associates, suggesting his trust of them boded ill for choosing reliable advisers as president.

"Trafficking convictions. Prior Mafia ties. This isn't a drug cartel. These were Donald Trump's business associates," the narrator says.

The ad discusses Felix Sater, who was convicted of stock fraud, as well as two other associates connected or convicted of embezzlement and drug trafficking.

"Trump entrusted convicts to help him run his company. Who would he entrust to run the country?" the narrator asks.

It closes with Trump saying he knows the "best negotiators."

American Future Fund has run other ads spotlighting "victims" of Trump University, which offered classes in real estate and has faced charges of being a scam that bilked students of their money in exchange for nothing.

According to Fox News, a New York state appeals court ruled this week that a fraud claim against Trump and the now-defunct Trump University can proceed.