Politico: Top 10 Obama Claims

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Politico has compiled a list, with commentary, of 10 statements made by President Barack Obama or his 2008 campaign that highlight the contrast between Obama’s expectations coming into office and his accomplishments while occupying the White House.

Divorce Records Haunt Ohio Democrat

Renewed interest in charges of spousal abuse could sink Charlie Wilson as he fights to retake House seat
Charlie Wilson / AP

A history of admitted spousal abuse could undermine an Ohio Democratic congressional candidate’s effort to retake the seat he lost in 2010.

Profiles in False Courage

Previous Burton, Axelrod statements on civility undermine response to false Super PAC smear
David Axelrod, Bill Burton / AP

Overlooked in the fallout from the Obama-aligned super PAC Priorities USA’s inaccurate and controversial attack on Mitt Romney is the prior rhetoric of the group’s founder, former Obama White House spokesman Bill Burton, and that of the Obama campaign’s chief strategist, David Axelrod.

Breaking the Anti-Mormon Code

Democrats, media using coded language to draw attention to Mitt Romney’s faith
O'Donnel, Axelrod

The Obama campaign and mainstream media are using “dog-whistles” to draw attention to and suspicion of Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, while attempting to maintain plausible deniability that any such attack is underway.