Syrian Islamists Hold Torah Scrolls Hostage

Demand release of militants held by Assad regime
The Jobar synagogue's scrolls in 2000

JERUSALEM – Torah scrolls plundered from an ancient Syrian synagogue are reportedly being held hostage by an Islamist group seeking to exchange them for prisoners held by Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Al Qaeda Theorist Tells Islamists Not to Emulate Mandela

Says South African leader was an ‘infidel’
Al-Nusra Front fighters in Syria

A Jordanian-based Islamist cleric urged jihadi terrorists last week not to emulate the late South African leader Nelson Mandela because he is an “infidel” and was given awards by major world powers.

Islamist Terrorists Shifting from Web to Social Media

Facebook, Twitter grapple with terrorists’ use of social media for messaging, communications

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter are grappling with terrorists who are moving from websites to microblogs as a way to spread propaganda, recruit members, and communicate.

Syria’s al Qaeda Rebels Vow Revenge Terror Attacks

Terror group plan ‘volcano of revenge’ for chemical weapons attack

Two Syrian al Qaeda-affiliated rebel groups this week called for terror attacks against Syrian civilians in retaliation for the mass killings by nerve gas near Damascus, according to U.S. officials.

Report: Terrorists Increasingly Using Twitter to Communicate

Syrian al Qaeda group al-Nusra Front still operating Twitter account
Soldiers surverying land in the midst of conflict with Al-Shabaab / AP

Jihadist groups are increasingly turning to American social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate videos and statements, communicate with their followers, and recruit new members, rather than using private online forums, according to a new report released Tuesday.