Russians Inspect Missile Defense Base in California

Single review of five silos a controversial New START provision
Ground Based Interceptors at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Russian officials carried out a secret inspection of the base this week / Boeing

Russian officials this week carried out a secret inspection of the U.S. strategic missile defense base in California as part of the New START arms treaty, according to Obama administration officials.

Treaty Cheating

Russia said to be violating 1987 missile accord
Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin / AP

Russia is engaged in a major violation of the terms of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the United States by building a new medium-range missile banned under the accord, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

Hold on New START

House votes to limit implementation of New START arms pact with Russia
President Obama wants to be taken seriously / AP

The House last week voted to restrict implementation of the 2010 New START arms treaty with Russia until the Obama administration outlines its plans for nuclear cuts.

Disarming America

State Department advisory board urges deeper nuclear force cuts including unilateral reductions
State Department logo

A State Department board of experts is calling for steep cuts in U.S. nuclear forces beyond the New START treaty limits and recommends unilateral or informal reductions to avoid expected Senate ratification battles.

Arms Control Mania

State arms official: Further strategic agreement with Russia possible despite Moscow’s opposition
Rose Gottemoeller / AP

OMAHA—A senior State Department arms negotiator said Thursday that Russian opposition to holding a new round of arms control talks does not mean a second strategic arms pact is out of reach.