Nevada Launches Fraud Probe After Noncitizen Voters Discovered


Barbara Cegavske, Nevada's secretary of state, has launched a fraud probe after a pipeline of noncitizen voters was discovered.

The Associated Press first reported on the investigation that was announced in a letter sent by Cegavske to Terri Ablertson, the state director of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Cegavske said in the letter that DMV employees offered and accepted voter registrations from people seeking identification cards and driver's licenses. The workers allegedly did this even if the individual presented a Green Card showing that they were not U.S. Citizens.

Under Nevada law, individuals can register to vote when they apply for a license or identification card. The DMV then takes the voter registration information and passes it off to the county elections department for processing, AP noted.

"This is emblematic of what I've been warning about for years," Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, told the Washington Free Beacon. "States should not follow California and Oregon's model of automatic voter registration for every person going to the DMV when the DMV is registering ineligible voters "because the rules tell them to serve everyone."

"Put plain, every DMV customer is being offered voter registration opportunities, even when said customers document with green cards, etc. that they aren't eligible for voter registration. Nevada SOS warns that not only are noncitizens landing on voter rolls, but they voted in 2016, too," Churchwell said.

Churchwell added that liberal groups funded by liberal billionaire George Soros are working to "handcuff election officials" from cleaning up voter rolls in a number of states.

"Leftist groups funded by Soros & Co. are now working to handcuff election officials from removing or even questioning voter records that aren't dead or relocated leaving noncitizens, felons, and fakes free to be. This showdown is the fruit of their handiwork. This is also an example of how county voter files get ridiculously bloated."

Demos, a Soros-funded liberal advocacy group located in New York City, has intervened in three states where the Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed lawsuits against counties over their unusual voter rolls. Elizabeth Warren's daughter chairs the board of directors at Demos.

Albertson called the letter from Cegavske a "surprise" and said that her office approved the processes that she wrote about.

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Joe Schoffstall is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Previously, he spent three years with the Media Research Center and was most recently with the Capitol City Project. He can be reached at His Twitter handle is @JoeSchoffstall.

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