Dem Campaign Employs Fugitive

John Conyers

John Conyers / AP


Another Democratic campaign is in trouble with the law.

A petition circulator hired by Rep. John Conyers’ (D., Mich.) campaign is a wanted fugitive with an ugly criminal record. Court records reveal that Daniel A. Pennington, hired by Conyers’ campaign, pleaded guilt to a second-degree home invasion charge in 2012 and failed to fulfill his probation requirements.

Detroit Free Press reports:

Court records show Pennington pleaded guilty to a second-degree home-invasion charge in 2012 in Battle Creek and did not fulfill his probation requirements.

According to 54A-District Court records in Lansing, Pennington pleaded guilty to providing false information to a police officer and "frequenting a drug house or area" in 2010. He also faced assault and battery charges in 2012 and a bench warrant was issued after he failed to appear in court in Lansing on July 24, 2012.

Pennington is in the middle of a controversy regarding whether Conyers has enough valid signatures to qualify for the Aug. 5 primary ballot. Conyers turned in 2,000 signatures April 18, and Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett’s office found that 1,193 of those signatures were valid.

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