The Best of Diamond and Silk

Meet Donald Trump's future press secretaries


By far the two most effective surrogates for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump are sisters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known by the nicknames "Diamond" and "Silk."

Fierce advocates for Donald J. Trump, as they repeatedly refer to him, Diamond and Silk make YouTube videos through their channel "The Viewers View" that "Stump for Trump" with ferocious enthusiasm. The videos have become so popular that the sisters have appeared at Trump rallies and done television interviews.

Diamond and SilkĀ cheerlead Trump's business background ("he is a job creator"), his immigration stance ("Don't you secure your house? Well, America's house should be secure!") his dislike of Fox News host Megyn Kelly ("Here's the damn deal, Megyn Kelly, or Kelly Megyn, whatever your name is!"), and his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. ("We can't have people coming up in here wanting to chop off our heads!").

Simply, Trump is "what we need running our country, baby!" Diamond told Fox Business host Stuart Varney in January.

Their style is distinct and effective. Diamond takes point in most interviews and segments, with Silk frequently coming in with "that's right" to buttress her sister's arguments. It is a devastating one-two combo.

As a testament to Trump's business acumen, the two ladies repeatedly insist they are not employees of his campaign and do not receive any money from him for their efforts. They, quite plainly, love Donald J. Trump that much.

It is the opinion of this writer that, should Trump convince the American people he will make our country great again and get elected president, Diamond and Silk should immediately become his press secretaries. Previously deadly dull White House press briefings will never be the same.

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