FLASHBACK: Clinton: If President Can’t Get 60 Votes For Nominee, Should Rethink Nominee


On May 23rd, 2005, then Senator Hillary Clinton argued that if President Bush could not earn 60 votes for his nominees then he should rethink whom he is nominating:

HILLARY CLINTON: "So this President has come to the majority here in the Senate and basically said, change the rules, do it the way I want it done. I guess there weren’t that many voices on the other side of the aisle that acted the way previous generations of senators have acted and said Mr. President we are with you, we support you, but that’s a bridge too far, we can’t go there. You have to restrain yourself Mr. President, we have confirmed 95% of you nominees and if you can’t get 60 for a nominee, maybe you should think about whom you are sending to us to be confirmed. "