CBS Evening News Again Makes No Mention of Benghazi

Gutted US consulate in Libya / AP


CBS Evening News again failed to make mention of new revelations about Benghazi Thursday night, with such stories as flooding, wildfires and the Korean ferry disaster taking precedence.

There is a clear conflict of interest: CBS News President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, the senior White House adviser at the center of the controversy over the White House talking points on the false narrative over what prompted the Benghazi terrorist attack.

The network insisted through a spokesperson that no editorial decision made was based on that relationship, but it remains curious, given the prominent role the story's taken in the news over the past 48 hours, that there has been no mention on its flagship broadcast in that time.

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson, who pursued the story vigorously while employed there, said after she resigned that pressure came down from the higher-ups to back off Benghazi.