Mainstream Media Slams Latest Delay By Obama on Keystone


MSNBC's Morning Joe panel slammed President Obama's latest decision to extend a review period of the Keystone Pipeline indefinitely, calling it bad policy and questioning the administration's motives.

"To use the excuse to put it off for one court case when there's already been a lot of study of it, leave the politics aside like you said, just to go to jobs and the ability of the United States to do big things, I don't understand the delay," said Time correspondent Mark Halperin. "I don't get what the president's posture is."

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said it's "hard to defend" this move.

Host Joe Scarborough pointed out vulnerable Senate Democrats who support the pipeline, which is also popular with the American public, are being left out to dry when they could use a political score with their voters.


In addition to Morning Joe's criticism, CNBC's John Harwood said the Keystone decision was "100% politics" and argued it wasn't the "finest hour for the administration" Monday on Squawk Box: