On This Day in History: February 21, 2008

Bill Clinton / AP


The NFL dropped objections to churches holding Super Bowl parties.

Paparazzi were arrested for harassing troubled child sensation Britney Spears.

More nude photos of troubled child sensation Lindsay Lohan surfaced.

A Bill Clinton robocall ended up on the voicemail of his one-time mistress Gennifer Flowers.

According to Flowers, she came home the other day, punched the Retrieve button on her answering machine and gasped as she heard the familiar voice of that same man, Bill Clinton.

It was, however, only one of those automated campaign phone calls and Bill just wanted to tell Gennifer how much he would really appreciate her support and to vote for his wife, who's ready to become president on "Day One."

"Now, it's funny," Flowers says in an interview on "Extra" tonight. "At the time it almost gave me a heart attack."

Meanwhile the Hook magazine caught up with Kathleen Willey.

She writes of what she and others consider Bill's sexual psychosis, an addiction Hillary has ignored and enabled. Instead of searching for the truth of the claims of the women who came forward, Hillary demeaned, undermined, and sought to destroy their reputation, Willey says.

And in page after page, she describes a complex web of private investigators and all-out thugs– "secret police" sent to silence the women and others through threats and intimidation, break-ins, and phone taps– and alleges their connection with the Clinton machine. The story lines are so coincidental, strange, and fantastic that they defy reality. Could this really have happened?

Jared K. Stern, a former Marine, has confirmed that he was a private investigator for Prudential Associates in 1998, and Willey was one of his assignments. He says that he once called her at home, without fully explaining his motivations, and left a message on her answering machine.

Failed Ted Cruz debater Ellen Page turned 21, Garfield star Jennifer Love Hewitt turned 29, and noted anti-wealth advocate Robert Mugabe turned 84.

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