Michelle Obama: People Don’t Trust Politicians Because Republicans Are ‘All Men, All White’


Former First Lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday that many people do not trust politicians because the Republican Party is "all white men, all white."

Obama's remarks came during a speech about diversity at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Fox News reports.

"On one side of the room, it's literally gray and white. Literally, that's the color palette on one side of the room," she said.

Obama also suggested that Democrats' diversity, though not perfect, was better.

"On the other side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens. Physically, there’s a difference in color, in the tone. Because one side: all men, all white. On the other side: some women, some people of color," she said.

"No wonder people don't trust politicians," she said.

In order to make progress, Michelle Obama argued, there needs to be sacrifices and change.

"Until we are ready to fight for that – which means some people have to be willing to give up their seats to make room, or you need to be ready to add more seats – I think we're going to continue to struggle," she said.

Conor Beck

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Conor Beck is a Media Analyst for the WFB. He's previously written for The College Fix, Life News, and was a Student Free Press Association Fellow for The Weekly Standard. He graduated from Rice University in 2017.

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