The Saviors, coming in 2020 from Netflix hopefully (but probably not)


Okay, now we can move on.

So, if I'm understanding this tweet correctly—and it's always possible I'm not—we're entering a very unstable level of Wokeception. Here's a white guy (Hanover) criticizing a white guy (Berlatsky) for vacuuming up all the opportunities to write about how white guys (in this case, the lead of Iron Fist) are vacuuming up all the opportunities to star in mediocre television shows.

Seriously, this is, like, the Snow Fortress level of Wokeception. I keep expecting to look at my window on this lousy Smarch day and see these dudes go shooting by:

Anyway, the whole thing is rather amusing—as if what the world needs is yet more people whinging on and on about how a white guy is playing a character who has been white for literally his entire existence, complaining about the not-whitewashing with ever more angst. Frankly, I think the only thing I know about the show at this point is that a white guy is playing a white character and this is making people very very angry. Also, I am thankfully aware that people are angry because he isn't taking the abuse of identity-obsessed dumb-dumbs with an internet connection with the appropriate good cheer.

Seems to me that the show's biggest sin is that it looks super-boring? And it probably would've been just as boring starring an Asian person? But maybe I'm wrong about that. Lord knows I'm not going to slog through 10 or 13 or whatever hours of original programming to find out; ain't nobody got time for that. I've still got like 20 hours of Cryptonomicon to get through, according to my Kindle. I'll just wait until Netflix puts together a crossover special featuring Iron Fist and Dr. Strange and Tilda Swinton teaming up to teach a group of Asian-American youths about The Mystic Eastern Arts. My working name/tagline for this (non-existent-as-of-now-but-hopefully-in-the-works) show about a bunch of awesome characters who have mastered the secrets of the Orient?

"You've seen the Avengers. You've experienced the Defenders. Now welcome — THE SAVIORS! Coming in 2020 to a streaming service near you!"

I can't imagine any writers obsessed with representation will find this program problematic in anyway.