Steve Cohen Makes Weiner Mistake

Rep. Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) broke one of the cardinal rules of public officials using Twitter: be sure to direct-message groupies.

Cohen was caught off guard during the State of the Union last night when he tweeted game to Victoria Brink, a graduate of Texas State University, by shouting out "ilu" as reported by the Hill. Ilu is short for "I love/like you" and we can't blame Cohen for feeling that way about Brink.


Brink first hollered at Cohen, saying she saw the Tennessee lawmaker on the television.

The 63-year-old longtime bachelor hollered back to the amateur bikini and lingerie model, showing his appreciation for her in messages that were intended to be private and between "family friends," according to his office.

According to, Brink is an avid Mexican food and rom-com fan. She is also a sharpshooter at beer pong. Considering Cohen is a proponent of concealed carry, one can see where the model and congressman found their friendship.

Sloppy Twitter game is a feature of the House Democratic caucus. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace after he tweeted lewd photos to a young lady.

A congressman-groupie Twitter-relations workshop has yet to be announced.