Hillary Clinton Is George Costanza

It's time for a change.

Hillary Clinton is George Costanza. She had so much promise. She’s rich. She always knows when someone is uncomfortable at a fundraising gala. But it’s just not working. Every decision she’s ever made in her entire life has been wrong. She really wanted to be president in 2008. But because of her poor political skills and an opponent (Barack Obama) who embodied everything she was not, she failed, and was relegated to the edge of the national spotlight for eight years. It’s time to try the opposite.

Paul Krugman’s War on Facts

Paul Krugman wears a fancy medal. (AP)

Taxpayer-funded millionaire Paul Krugman is known for his endless supply of hot takes, as well as his profound sense of self and perpetual outrage. In his latest column for the New York Times, Krugman writes about the same topic all other liberal pundits are writing about: How conservative climate change denial is destroying America. (Tuesday’s Washington Post, for example, includes two separate columns on how the GOP is “Dangerously in denial,” and “Too stubborn for change.”)

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Uses ‘One-Percenter’ Loopholes to Avoid Paying Her Fair Share in Taxes


Hillary Clinton hasn’t always agreed with President Obama on taxes. In 2008, she thought his proposal to hike capital gains taxes “for purposes of fairness,” something the president will bring up again in tonight’s State of the Union address, was a bad idea.

Generally speaking, the tax hike proposals Obama plans to announce put Hillary is a tough position because they target some of her closest friends and Wall Street donors. However, she has long agreed with Obama that the U.S. should have a hefty estate tax in place to ensure the country doesn’t become “dominated by inherited wealth.”

But Hillary and her husband Bill are less fond of actually paying the taxes they want everyone else to pay. As Bloomberg reported last year, the Clintons take advantage of “one-percenter” loophole in the tax code to avoid paying their fair share in estate taxes:

Watch This Pentagon Official Literally Joke About Lowering Standards for Women in Combat

Pentagon official Juliet Beyler / Screen Shot, Defense News

Even among those who disagree about the issue of opening ground combat arms jobs to women in the military, I have found that there is a general consensus on one key point: That physical standards should not be lowered in pursuit of ‘gender’ integration. Weakening standards in the pursuit of social justice would endanger troops and render meaningless the accomplishment of those women who would potentially serve in ground combat units. In a way, this consensus is very American: Equality of opportunity and a fair shot for all. Keep the standards high, as they’ve always been, and let the chips fall where they may.

The Department of Defense disagrees.

This may seem shocking, but consider the following Defense News interview with Juliet Beyler, director of officer and enlisted personnel management for the DOD and a retired Marine officer.

Hillary Clinton’s Next Speech Hosted by Foreign Bank Accused of Aiding Enron Fraud

Gotta get paid. (AP)

As Hillary Clinton prepares to mount another bid for the White House (she tried and failed in 2008), she has taken great care to appear in touch with the concerns of average American voters.

On Wednesday, for example, Clinton will continue quest to become more relatable by speaking at an event hosted by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, a Toronto-based institution that has been the subject of multiple U.S. investigations into fraud and other financial transgressions, including helping the notorious Enron energy company to mislead investors.

Machine Guns, Ranked


During my recent trip to Machine Gun America I was able to fire a number of fully automatic assault rifles and one submachine gun. To say the least, it was incredible. Now it’s time to rank them all.

Of course, this isn’t easy to do. Ranking machine guns is a lot like ranking your children; you love them all so much. They each have their own special qualities and quirks. They each fill your heart with a slightly different kind of joy. How can you ever pick between them?

Well, here’s my best shot.

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Said She Wouldn’t Raise the Capital Gains Tax Above 20 Percent (Obama’s New Tax Plan Would Raise it to 28 Percent)

Awkward. (AP)

In his State of the Union address tomorrow night, President Obama will unveil a new tax plan targeting some of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends and political donors (i.e., super-wealthy individuals and Wall Street banks like Citigroup).

A central component of Obama’s proposal is to raise the capital gains tax on top earners from 20 percent to 28 percent. It will be interesting to find out where Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stands on this issue, given that it was her husband, Bill Clinton, who signed legislation cutting the top capital gains rate from 28 percent to 20 percent during his second term as president.

I Haven’t Read Dennis C. Jett’s New Book, But It Looks Like Garbage

Garbage human being

Dennis C. Jett is a professor of international affairs at Penn State, a university best known for covering up the rape of small children so as to not bring shame to its football program. Before accepting the role of professor at the notorious school, he was an ambassador to noted powerhouse American allies Peru and Mozambique, plum gigs he received after almost three decades in the foreign service. In his spare time, he writes essays about movies that he has not seen for Poke Button Pioneer Chris Hughes’ New Republic. These essays are then used to denigrate the film he hasn’t seen and hurt their Oscar chances.