Jim Amos, Hillary Clinton, and the Death of Another American Sniper

Rob Richards

Marine sniper Rob Richards died last August, not long after being compelled to depart the Marine Corps at the reduced rank of corporal. Richards had been a sergeant—not to mention a Purple Heart recipient, reportedly nominated for the Bronze Star, and a veteran of three combat deployments—when a video was put on the Internet showing him and three other Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters.

Everything’s A Problem!

Shamed by Weird Twitter into fixing this; many thanks to deep_beige et al

For the last few weeks, I’ve had the tune of “Everything Is Awesome” stuck in my head. But the lyrics bouncing around my skull have been slightly altered. Because everything isn’t awesome. Everything isn’t great. Everything isn’t cool. Instead, I’ve been hearing

Hillary’s State Department Won Deals for Clinton Foundation Donors

Gotta get paid. (AP)

Donating large sums of money to the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation is one of the many fun ways a corporation, billionaire, or foreign government can curry favor with the Clinton dynasty.

While the media was busy obsessively hyperventilating over Rudy Giulian’s comments about President Obama’s lack of love for America, the Wall Street Journal reported that, during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped promote the interest of large U.S. corporations, many of which have donated larges sums of money to the Clinton Foundation:

Media Coverage of Rudy Giuliani Comments Dwarfs Coverage of Clinton Foundation Foreign Donors


A failed presidential candidate has dominated the media coverage these past few days. Oddly enough, it’s not Hillary Clinton.

Despite the new revelations this week about the massive amounts of money the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation has raised from questionable foreign governments and shady billionaires—something even Clinton’s defenders admit is a problem—the media hasn’t shown much interest in the story. In fact, media coverage of the Clinton Foundation has been dwarfed by the hyperventilating over failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about President Obama’s lack of love for America.

Art Versus Ideology or (The Oscars Are Like Elections, Only Dumber)

Anne Hathaway Oscars

The Washington Post‘s film critic, Ann Hornaday, complained yesterday that the discussions surrounding this year’s Oscar nominees are less concerned with art and more concerned with what a movie is “about.” “The tenor of the commentary,” Hornaday wrote, “has often been so parochial and painfully literalistic that it has seemed as if the writers have been poring over a partisan tract, comparing and contrasting PhD theses or dissecting a psychological text — anything but watching a movie.”

This One Paragraph Explains the (Partially Self-Inflicted) Tragedy of Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier retreats. (AP)

The situation in Ukraine right now is pretty grim. The European-brokered “ceasefire” is joke, even if the Obama administration continues to hold out hope. Russian separatists launched an offensive against the town of Debaltseve, forcing Ukrainian troops to retreat. The State Department, for its part, boldly affirmed the Ukrainian government’s “sovereign right” to surrender their territory to foreign aggressors. How comforting.

Obviously, Putin deserves most of the blame for the carnage in eastern Ukraine. If he wanted to the fighting to stop, it would. But the Ukrainian people are also suffering from the corruption and incompetence of their own government and military. This one passage from a riveting Washington Post report on the Ukrainian battalion charged with defending Debaltseve captures the depravity of the situation:

Neill Blomkamp Presents: Illegal Alien

Neill Blomkamp, immigration skeptic (AP)

I was intrigued to hear that Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9Elysium, and the upcoming Chappie, claims that his next picture is going to be a movie set in the Alien universe: