Ten Women President Trump Might Put on U.S. Currency

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It was announced this week that the United States would be putting a woman on its currency—an idea the Washington Free Beacon put forth long ago.

Unfortunately, the public failed to get behind putting America’s sweetheart Kate Upton on the $10 bill and we lacked the power to strong-arm the Treasury into making the change. That power could soon be in the hands of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, and it looks like he will have only the likely prison-bound Hillary Clinton in his way.

Trump of course would only change the $100 bill because Trump, as a result of his many very successful companies, is very, very rich, and smaller denominations of money likely won’t be needed once America is great again.

Here are ten women Trump might choose as a replacement for Benjamin Franklin:

Bigoted, Garbage Teacher Is Bigoted Garbage

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill / AP

If you want to understand what bias in academia looks like, you should read this essay by “Myrtle Lynn Payne” (a pseudonym). In it, she reveals that she is hesitant to write a recommendation for one of her students because that student has different beliefs than her on an important issue of the day.

Is Ringo Starr Offended by the Lyrics to ‘Get Back’?

I wear earrings because I am a dork (AP)

It occurred to me the other day after I read that Ringo Starr is refusing to play a show in North Carolina because he wants to make himself relevant is feeling put out by the so-called bathroom bill banning men from women’s rooms: he must really regret having played drums on “Get Back.”

I was surprised this morning to see that no has pointed this out yet.

Ted Cruz Is Right: The Godfather Part III Is Good

Godfather Part III

Last night during a CNN Town Hall, Ted Cruz was asked by Anderson Cooper about his favorite movies. He loves The Princess Bride, of course, but what else? The Godfather—”actually, all three of the Godfathers“—prompting a surprised reaction from Anderson Cooper, who claimed that he’s “never met anyone who liked the third Godfather.”*

2016: A Most Dangerous Summer

In this image released by the U.S. Navy, a Russian SU-24 jet makes a close-range and low altitude pass near the USS Donald Cook on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in the Baltic Sea. / U.S. Navy via AP

In late June, citizens of the UK will vote on whether to leave the European Union, and may well make the historic decision to do so. During the second half of July, the two major U.S. political parties will have conventions at which they nominate their presidential candidates. At the first one of these, the current frontrunner has all but threatened mob violence if he is denied his party’s nod, and events in Cleveland are very likely to occupy the nation’s attention. Meanwhile, as the weather improves throughout the spring in the eastern Mediterranean, and considering that there is no end in sight to the violence in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, the flow of refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia into Europe will pick up again, further destabilizing the member nations of the NATO alliance.

Donald Trump Is Finally Giving in to the GOP Establishment

Yeah, I made this in Pixlr…

I’ve always given Donald Trump credit for at least pretending to disregard the Republican Party line on taxes, entitlements, and so on. But as far as I am concerned, he blew it when he told reporters that he is a fan of Ayn Rand, the eighteenth-rate novelist beloved of Paul Ryan.

Adult Swim, Voice of a Generation

best show you heathens have never bothered watching

Here’s a neat eight-minute video highlighting the ways in which the Cartoon Network’s bloc of late-night programming, Adult Swim, quietly became one of the more influential and beloved segments of programming on cable for those of a certain age.*