Aging Pop Star to Fundraise for Prominent Grandmother


Celebs love to pal around with Hillary Clinton, but sometimes the former secretary of state would rather hang out with people her own age. Fortunately, there’s Sting. The aging rocker will perform in New York City next month at a fundraiser fort he Hillary Victory Fund. About 100 people are expected to attend, including Bill Clinton.

NFL Week 11 Picks, with Pictures

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Last week didn’t go too well and my hot girl strategy of picking games is looking like it may run out of steam. Even gifs of Gisele dancing didn’t get me a win.

Turn the Lights Out, Burn It All Down

Nothing matters.

It’s been one hell of a week since the terror attacks in Paris. America’s politician and thought leaders have covered themselves in glory, and covered everyone else in the sticky hotness of their takes. We deserve Donald Trump, and there is a not unrealistic scenario in which he will actually become president. But he probably won’t. Hillary remains the most likely winner in 2016, in which case we’ll get eight more years on uninspired gridlock and, if we’re lucky, a handful of donor-friendly bipartisan deals and/or bungled wars. We’d deserve that, too, just like we deserved a Thursday night football game between the 2-7 Tennessee Titans and the 3-6 Jacksonville Jaguars. (Final score: 19-13.)

Hillary Clinton Has a Genius Strategy to Defeat ISIS

Nailed it. (AP)

Hillary Clinton just gave pretty hawkish sounding speech on the problem posed by ISIS at the Council on Foreign Relations. Here is the transcript. Her campaign chairman John Podesta tweeted along as she outlined her genius plan to defeat the terror group.

QUIZ: Can You Spot the Real New Republic Contributor?

Glory days.

The December 2015 issue of the (new) New Republic features some rather unique contributor bios next to the masthead. We’ve listed them below, and mixed in some fake examples. See if you can tell which is which.



America’s thought leaders have been thought-leading pretty hard about the question of what the makeshift conglomerate of genocidal gang rape enthusiasts known as ISIS really wants. Many people think they know the answer, but sometimes thinking insightful thoughts is no substitute for aggressive, fact-based reporting, which is why the Free Beacon is publishing this official list ISIS demands, obtained exclusively Islamic State press secretary Ibrahim al-Dipshit:

There’s Plenty to Like in Jeb’s Defense Plan


Speaking right now at the Citadel, Jeb Bush is outlining a defense policy that emphasizes American hard power, and calls for a stop to the current bleeding in defense spending. His proposals—like those issued by some other candidates for the Republican nomination—give some hope that we might one day see the end of epic national security mismanagement at the hands of Barack Obama, who appears to have conducted a comprehensive review of the works of Sun-Tzu, Caesar, Jomini, Clausewitz, Mahan, Corbett, and Boyd, distilled them all down to their common essence, and then done the opposite.