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Michael Buble's Gross Misogyny (smdh)

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Administration Officials Spin the Huffington Post on Yemen

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, near Yemen / AP

A feature of policymaking in the Age of Obama is this administration’s habitual, reflexive dishonesty with the American people. For yet another example, consider how the White House downplays Iran’s role in the fighting in Yemen, even as the U.S. Navy monitors an Iranian flotilla reportedly steaming to the assistance of Houthi rebels. Spokesmen for the Navy are falling over themselves to note that they are only there to track the activity, and that they have no authority to board the Iranian ships.

The Iran-backed Houthi insurgency is a problem for Obama’s nuclear deal with Tehran because it highlights how the Iranians are opposed to the interests of traditional U.S. partners in the region, like the now displaced government of Yemen and its allies Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It also clearly demonstrates how Iran’s actions harm U.S. counter-terror efforts that rely on these traditional partners. So what does the White House do? It starts pushing the line that the Houthis aren’t actually Iranian proxies after all. Take this leak, published yesterday in the Huffington Post: