The Liberal Conspiracy of Silence Protected More Than Eric Schneiderman

As politicians and reporters alike were reeling from the news that four women had accused Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of physical and emotional abuse, New York Times justice reporter Katie Benner drew attention to one passage that really drives home why the prominent Trump critic survived as long as he did. “There’s long …

Beware the #Narratives of May 

Donald Trump

President Trump appears set to announce the United States’ departure from the Iran nuclear deal, and thus the deal’s supporters are working hard doing something they are admittedly very good at: crafting narratives for the media and political class.

For Democrats, the Iran Deal is Becoming the Peace Process

John Kerry Javad Zarif

For the American left, the Iran nuclear deal is becoming the peace process—that is, a landmark foreign policy project of a Democratic president reflecting the most cherished liberal beliefs about the world, that is failing at great cost to millions of people yet whose failure cannot be admitted.

The Dangerous New Watering Down of ‘Incitement’

Ben Shapiro at Politicon 2017, Pasadena, Calif. / Getty Images

In January 2017, Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire on a Quebec City mosque, killing half a dozen worshippers. Bissonnette held far-right, Islamophobic views. At trial, crown prosecutors presented evidence that he followed several right-wing and alt-right Twitter users, ranging from moderate voices like Fox’s Bret Baier to overt racists like Richard Spencer. But the Twitter account he visited …

This Is Why We Laugh

MSNBC’s long-running “This Is Why You Watch” promos are perfect but not in a way the left-leaning cable channel might hope: No campaign could better sum up this channel’s snobbery and self-congratulation.

The Sexist Dog Whistle Liberals Suddenly Couldn’t Hear

The White House Correspondents Dinner sucks. It confirms every bias everyday Americans have about the D.C. press: insular, elitist, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory, wealthy, transactional… dare I say, swampy? We call it our “nerd prom,” recognizing that it’s one of the few days where we can cosplay as the wealthy D.C. power players we cover on a daily basis. But most Americans aren’t in on our little joke.

Joy Reid’s Old Blog Posts Are Forgivable. Her Response Isn’t.

The Joy Reid of 2006 was a childish jerk. This seems more or less undeniable given what’s emerged in the past week, as blog posts have shown she used crude and gay-baiting language to insult those she disagreed with and expressed a personal squeamishness toward homosexuality in general. It’s the sort of behavior that, had …