Misplaced Priorities in Sydney Terror Attack

Sydney terrorist filmed through cafe window / AP Images

Before Monday’s terror attack in Sydney came to its violent and tragic end in a pre-dawn raid, Catherine Burn, the deputy commissioner  of the New South Wales Police gave a press conference. The BBC reported that in the presser Burn said, “Our approach is to resolve this peacefully. It might take a bit of time but that is our priority.”

With respect, this is deeply misguided, as subsequent events cruelly illustrated. Two hostages–Katrina Dawson, 38 and a mother of 3, and Tori Johnson, 34–were killed, and three other hostages, all women, were also shot. The police raid that ended the crisis was not planned, and reportedly happened after Mr. Johnson, the cafe manager, made a brave play for his captor’s gun and got shot. To make an obvious observation, unpredictable circumstances like this are likelier and likelier to come about the longer such a situation continues.

Reminder: Fun Is Forbidden

How does this even happen?

Filling in for Andrew Sullivan, Phoebe Maltz Bovy wants you to know that you should feel bad if you’ve laughed at the “you had one job” meme. It’s a running Internet gag goes something like this: Find something horribly, obviously wrong, and slap the tag “You had one job!” on it. For instance:

New Republic Coverage Excessive, Analysis Finds

Chris Hughes

The continuing media coverage of The New Republic fiasco is completely f*cking insane, a Free Beacon analysis has found. To paraphrase the great half-American orator Winston Churchill: Never has so much been written by so many for so few.

Nobody Is Denying That It Is Johnny Football Time Now


The world got a brief taste of glory two weeks ago.

Johnny Manziel was brought in by the Cleveland Browns to relieve the painfully average Brian Hoyer after Hoyer threw his second pick in the 4th quarter and the Browns were down 20-3.

Predictably, Manziel easily took them down the field and scored the team’s first touchdown.

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Allies CRUSH Elizabeth Warren in the First Battle of the Democratic Primary


Despite her best efforts and most passionate gesticulations, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) failed to shut down the government on Thursday, thus proving her political clout is vastly inferior to that of GOP colleague Ted Cruz. Warren had urged House Democrats to block a controversial spending package, which included a provision to roll back a portion of …