Why Does The Press Want to Help Donald Trump So Much?

A combination of Trump Derangement Syndrome and social media’s ability to spread misleading dumbness faster than a speeding GIF created another perfect storm of idiocy on Thursday. The VIRAL moment where Trump got totally OWNED this time? It was when the First Lady of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, totally SNUBBED the president to shake Melania Trump’s hand before him …

Fireworks Are Terrible

JVL, Vic, and I probably owe you, our loyal listeners, an explanation as to why we were gone for so long. The answer, of course, is a simple one: we hate you and each other and needed some time apart. But we’re back for season 1.5: refreshed, relaxed, ready to bore you to tears with lists and counterintuitive arguments and all that good stuff! Subscribe here, leave a review, etc. Maybe if you leave a bunch this week JVL will let us resume highlighting the best review each episode.

Anyway, this week we talked a lot about Michael Bay and the Transformers movies: there were laughs and tears and rankings, all the great stuff you loved and/or hated about our dumb podcast. But we also talked about fireworks. And let me tell you something, guys: I hate fireworks.

Christie to NJ: Let Them Eat Funnel Cake

“All State Parks Closed.” I kept passing these signs on the Garden State Parkway this past weekend, unaware that a budget impasse had resulted in a partial shutdown of government operations (not counting essential personnel like prison guards). I also didn’t realize this applied to my beloved Island Beach State Park.

10 Warning Signs for Nancy Pelosi

These are perilous times for Nancy Pelosi. Following Jon Ossoff’s defeat in Georgia’s costly special election, a growing number of Democrats have expressed their frustration over the leadership of the House minority leader.

Johnny Depp Is a Damn Fool

Johnny Depp

We’ve already noted here at the ole Washington Free Beacon that Johnny Depp suggested it’s time for an actor to assassinate President Trump, and I’m loathe to dwell on “actor says dumb thing about politics” stories because actors, in the main,* are dumb and prone to saying dumb shit.


Trump Yearbook Fiasco Exposes Unchecked Power of Yearbook Editors

In the opening scene of Crimson Tide, we are told “the three most powerful men in the world” are the president of the United States, the president of the Russian republic, “and… the captain of a U.S. nuclear missile submarine.” But who’s the fourth most powerful person in the world? The yearbook editor.