This Art History Secret Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Worse Than We Thought


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been plagued by questions about her health. Those questions intensified after she collapsed in New York City in mid-September and then took several days off from campaigning to recover from pneumonia. Is Hillary OK? Does she have dysphasia, as Katrina Pierson, M.D., has suggested? Does she require an old person’s walker, an advanced exoskeleton, or an elaborate system of pulleys and wires to move, as other experts have suggested? Why does she ride in SUVs with “like almost a little step that comes down,” AKA retractable running boards?

The answer to all these questions may be contained in clues from an esoteric corner of the art world.

Trump Won, I Guess?


I think Donald Trump won. He seemed more focused than in the first debate. He didn’t go off the rails, as he easily could have given his … difficulties this week. He pushed back against the moderators—who were hopelessly biased; who managed to confirm every fear and hatred that the average GOP voter has about MSM types—and did a good job of highlighting the absurdity of Anderson and Martha’s behavior.

Week 5 NFL Picks, With Emily Ratajkowski

A dejected Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

Things could be going better. The Mets got eliminated in pretty brutal fashion, the Jets look awful, and watching the presidential election unfold is beyond intolerable.

I blame Emily Ratajkowski, at least for the latter.

Mark Wahlberg, Movie Star

'I am a normal guy, see my normal guy clothes on the red carpet?' / AP

“A star doesn’t have to play the same role in every film: he only has to be the same character no matter what the role is,” wrote Colin L. Westerbeck in the opening essay of The National Society of Film Critics’ collection, The Movie Star. First published in 1981, the collection came at a slightly odd …

NFL Week 4 Picks, With Pictures of Figgy From Survivor

Hashtagfiggy Instagram

My NFL picks so far this season have been awful but you wouldn’t believe how good the team I drafted for Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X is. Like any responsible professional I diversify my portfolio, so of course I also bet on Survivor. I win every season because of my expertise in human interaction and in all aspects of competitive reality …

I Have Determined Why Trump Was Awful in the First Debate


Here’s a conspiracy theory: He wanted to be. Trump is a TV man. He has concerns in real estate and owns golf courses and a vineyard and makes money from things like licensed ties. But as far as steady, reliable income goes, it’s hard not to think that his earnings from 11 seasons of The Apprentice were …

Fairer Questions for the Next Debate


It seems relatively obvious that Hillary Clinton won the debate last night. Trump hurt her early on TPP and NAFTA—her flip flop on the Trans Pacific Partnership is, simply, unbelievable—but she held her own or bested him everywhere else. Sure, she made utterly ridiculous claims like “tax cuts caused the financial crisis of 2008,” but Trump was borderline incoherent in many of his answers, defended Russia and criticized NATO, failed to hurt her on her emails, got hit hard on racial bias in renting apartments, and, to top it all off, suggested levying what will almost certainly be referred to as an “Oreo Tax” for the rest of the election: