Sunday Show Roundup

Netanyahu: Hamas ‘Violated Their Own Ceasefire’ Hours After It Began
Benjamin Netanyahu / AP

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Hamas has continued to fire rockets at Israel, despite their recent request for a ceasefire.

Ellison’s Election Tip Sheet

Ellison Barber election tip sheet


Last year, Democrats worried they would lose this Senate seat after then-Sen. Max Baucus announced his intention to retire and their preferred recruit declined to run. Then the White House appointed Baucus as the ambassador to China, giving Democrats the chance to appoint someone to fill the seat. The governor picked Lt. Governor John Walsh, who was planning to run for the seat anyway. Walsh would be able to serve a period of time as a senator and then run as the incumbent—it would naturally be a boon to his campaign.

To date, Walsh actually hasn’t made the seat less of a toss-up. A recent poll found his Republican challenger, Rep. Steve Daines, leading by 7 points—in previous polls Walsh trailed by double digits. If there’s one thing that is unlikely to improve those numbers, it’s being accused of blatant and extensive plagiarism.

House VA Chairman Questions VA Budget Request

Senate and House squabble over VA reform
Veterans Affairs hospital in Pittsburgh / AP

Acting Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Sloan Gibson told the House Veterans Affairs Committee on Thursday that in order to meet “current demand” his department needs over $17 billion in additional funding.