FBI Increasingly Politicized Under Comey and Mueller

Robert Mueller

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, once America’s storied crime fighting agency, is under fire for an increasing leftward politicization blamed on recent liberal directors and a bureaucracy operating with nearly unchecked power.

Once a bastion of conservative anti-communism under long-time director J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI has become one of the more liberal political agencies of government, and one critics say appears increasingly to operate outside normal constitutional controls.

Child Sex Abuse Charges Spark Public Outrage in China

Children wave national flags as they sing revolutionary songs to celebrate the upcoming National Day at a kindergarten

A publicly traded Chinese company in charge of a kindergarten in China at the center of child sex abuse allegations has links to powerful Chinese officials and a board of directors that includes a former Clinton Foundation executive.

The Chinese educational firm RYB Education, Inc. went public on the New York Stock Exchange in September and is facing a wave of public criticism from parents and their supporters who say children at one of its kindergartens in Beijing were sexually molested, jabbed with needles, fed pills, and forced to stand naked by staff members.