Democratic Presidential Hopefuls and Undecideds Flood Iowa This Weekend

Sen. Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala Harris / Getty Images


Numerous Democratic candidates and other politicians still considering a candidacy will flood Iowa this weekend as the race for the Democratic nomination ratcheted up this week with the official entry of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Iowa's first in the nation caucus in 2020 is just under one year away, scheduled for Feb. 3.

California senator Kamala Harris has perhaps the busiest schedule, with two town halls, a scheduled stop at the state capitol building, a meeting with the Iowa Democratic Party Black caucus, and more.

Former San Antonio mayor and HUD secretary Julian Castro on Saturday wraps up a three-day stint in the state with a meet and greet and a round table.

Among the "still deciding" candidates, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is continuing to work out the details of a fast weekend stopover, arriving on Saturday and quickly leaving the following day.

Colorado senator Michael Bennet and former governor John Hickenlooper both have numerous appointments spread out between Ames, Sioux City, and Dubuque. Bennet in particular has a heavier calendar, having started visits on Thursday and will have completed three house parties, one roundtable, along with meetings with a county party caucus and a farmer's group all wrapping up about midday Saturday.

California representative Eric Swalwell was in Iowa last weekend, and has plans for New Hampshire for the upcoming Monday.

Those yet-to-decide politicians who appear to have no major events scheduled for the upcoming weekend include former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

Bernie Sanders, who formally announced his candidacy earlier in the week has yet to visit Iowa in this election cycle.

Outside of the state, former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke is reported to have a "closely guarded" event scheduled for the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The local FOX television affiliate reported the meet and greet "is not open to the press, public or anyone not affiliated with the university."

Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar has a house party in South Carolina, while Ohio senator Sherrod Brown has appearances set for Nevada.

Todd Shepherd

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