Meet the Florida Firefighter Who Refused to Close His Gun Store

Store owners explain why they defied coronavirus shutdown orders 

On the afternoon of March 24, two Delray Beach, Fla., code enforcement officials walked into Wex Gunworks and told owner Brandon Wexler that he had to shut down over concerns about coronavirus. Wexler's mind immediately went to the customers who had begun flooding his shop as the deadly virus spread. Florida law requires stores to hold guns purchased by residents without gun-carry permits for at least five days. Wexler had more than 500 people waiting on their purchases at the time.

Let the Horns Play: Thousands Flood Lansing to Protest Whitmer Shutdown

Dem restriction deemed weed essential, shut down gardening stores

Thousands of Michigan residents descended on the statehouse in Lansing on Wednesday to protest Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order, with critics citing draconian restrictions that hurt small businesses and do little to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Weed Up, Hoes Down in Whitmer’s Michigan

Critics say Democratic governor's stay-at-home order is arbitrary and favors big businesses

Michigan’s Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer is facing bipartisan criticism of a stay-at-home order that shuttered gardening stores but deemed marijuana dispensaries and lottery ticket vendors “essential” to coping with the coronavirus.