Ray LaHood

Making Budget Cuts Hurt

House committees investigating whether Obama administration is making unnecessary cuts to cause pain

Two House committee chairman are investigating whether the Obama administration politicized the sequester by making unnecessary cuts to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Obama Admin Spends $21,000 on Basketball Equipment

Ever since the election of the Best Left-Handed Shameless Gunner-in-Chief, America's relationship with basketball has strengthened. The sport has a mystique. America has been hypnotized into thinking Obama Election Day pick-up games are somehow more competitive than MJ's Bulls vs. Isiah's Pistons. At least the Oval Office just plays pick-up. The Departments of Interior and Transportation have caught the basketball fever so bad, they've dropped more than $20K on rebounding machines. Several rebounding machines. Meanwhile, the most the Department of Education spends on hoops is time wasted on Arne Duncan rebounding POTUS air balls.

Chicago Fraud

Chicago Transit Authority misrepresented bus mileage, got millions in extra fed funds, watchdog says

Cause of Action (CoA), a government watchdog group, has accused the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) of defrauding the federal government of millions of dollars and the Obama administration of covering up the fraud.


Transparency website is rather opaque

The website launched to track spending tied to the stimulus bill is riddled with incomplete data and excludes companies that have become politically inconvenient for the Obama Administration.

DOT to Truckers: Frack No

Regulation would have limited trucking industry’s ability to support fracking

An agency of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is walking back an onerous rule change that would have primarily affected trucks at fracking sites after GOP congressmen and industry officials have cried foul.