Peter Roskam

Congress Lines Up to Oppose Iran Nuke Deal

Nearly 200 House lawmakers express disapproval

Nearly 200 House lawmakers have lined up behind a resolution opposing the recently signed Iran nuclear deal, according to a copy of the measure obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and congressional sources apprised of the situation.

Congress to Boost U.S. Military Presence Against Iran

Lawmakers seek forward military presence to deter Iran

Congress is seeking to boost the U.S. military presence in the Gulf region in order to deter Iran from taking hostile military action and ensure that U.S. allies are in a position to defend themselves should Tehran become hostile.

House Lawmakers: More Money Needed for Israeli Missile Defense

Bipartisan duo asking for boost in funding to Iron Dome

House lawmakers are petitioning their colleagues on a key appropriations committee to significantly increase funding for several joint U.S.-Israeli missile defense programs that they say are key to the Jewish state’s defense.

Pentagon Contractors Exploring Business with Iran

Companies with more than $107B in DoD contracts eyeing Tehran

Hassan RouhaniMultiple companies currently exploring new business ventures in Iran are also cashing in on highly lucrative contracts with the U.S. Defense Department, raising questions about whether their dealings with Iran could run afoul of U.S. law.

Jewish Groups Split on
Anti-Boycott Bill

Yet again, AIPAC won’t commit

Top Jewish groups have found themselves divided on a new bipartisan bill that would cut federal funding to any U.S. academic institution that endorses boycotts of Israel.

House Bill Would Cut Funding to Backers of Israeli Boycotts

U.S. universities could see their taxpayer funds pulled

A new bipartisan bill introduced Thursday in the House would strip all federal funds from any U.S. academic institution that decides to boycott Israel, according to a copy of the newly filed legislation obtained by the Free Beacon. The introduction of the bill marks the first time that Congress has sought to level harsh economic penalties on federally funded universities that seek to boycott the Jewish state.

134 Lawmakers Blast ASA Boycott of Israel

More than a third of the House condemns ‘morally dishonest’ boycott

More than 130 House lawmakers signed onto a letter sent Tuesday to the American Studies Association (ASA), criticizing the academic organization for its recent boycott of Israeli universities and academic institutions.

Sources: White House Has Killed Iran Sanctions

No new sanctions will pass Congress in 2013, insiders say

House lawmakers are lashing out at their Senate counterparts over the upper chamber’s failure to pass tighter Iran sanctions before Congress recesses.