Paul Krugman, Moron

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is a wealthy partisan hack who, like most partisan hacks, is unable to resist the allure of Twitter. When a steaming hot take enters his brain, Krugman is rarely dissuaded from sharing it with the world. He types it in the little white box. He presses the “Tweet” button.

Donald Trump Is Being Way Too Modest

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in Donald Trump. I mean, it’s hard to fault a guy for modesty, but this is politics. You’ve gotta be in it to win it, go for the gold, etc. When someone endorses your vision of human flourishing, you can’t go all shrinking violet on the American people. So I really wish the current frontrunner would rear that bashful head of his and remind the world—and his fellow Republican presidential candidates—of the plaudits he’s just received from a Top Global Thinker in an expensive newspaper.

Paul Krugman Is a Self-Righteous Moron

Paul Krugman is very concerned about ideologues. “The most reckless and dangerous ideologues,” he wrote in New York Times last week, “are often those who imagine themselves ideology-free.” You know, people like this guy.

Paul Krugman’s War on Facts

Taxpayer-funded millionaire Paul Krugman is known for his endless supply of hot takes, as well as his profound sense of self and perpetual outrage. In his latest column for the New York Times, Krugman writes about the same topic all other liberal pundits are writing about: How conservative climate change denial is destroying America. (Tuesday’s Washington Post, for example, includes two separate columns on how the GOP is “Dangerously in denial,” and “Too stubborn for change.”)