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MIT Refused To Host Dennis Ross. It Invited a Hamas Apologist Instead.

Dalia Mogahed, who described Hamas terrorism as legal 'resistance,' slated to speak as a part of MIT's 'Standing Against Hate' Initiative

March 14, 2024

MIT Faculty Member Goes on Anti-Semitic Tirade After House Ed Committee Requests Documents From School

‘I want to make it clear that Chairwoman Virginia Foxx … is a treasonous Zionist tool,‘ says Afif Aqrabawi

March 11, 2024

House Presses MIT To Provide Records on Its Response to Campus Anti-Semitism

'We have grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of MIT's response to antisemitism on its campus,' Virginia Foxx writes

March 8, 2024

MIT Jewish Student Leader Will Attend State of the Union as Guest of Speaker Mike Johnson

'If we do not stand up to antisemitism now, our universities and our country will be less safe,' says Talia Khan

March 6, 2024

MIT Suspends Anti-Israel Student Group Over Unsanctioned Protests

After skirting discipline last fall, MIT Coalition Against Apartheid can no longer organize on campus

February 14, 2024

MIT Leaders Assembled a Faculty Advisory Group on Campus Anti-Semitism. Then They Ignored It.

Jewish faculty members disband group after school freezes them out of 'Standing Together Against Hate' event

February 14, 2024

Speaker at MIT’s ‘Standing Together Against Hate' Event Endorsed Hamas Terrorism as Lawful 'Resistance'

Boston University fellow Dalia Mogahed will 'help bring our community together,' MIT says

February 5, 2024

MIT Parents Press School To Address 'Threatening' Anti-Israel Disruptions

One student group has pledged to shut down 'business as usual at MIT' during upcoming semester

January 27, 2024

Anti-Israel Student Group Threatens 'No Business as Usual at MIT' Until Jewish State is Eradicated

With the spring semester weeks away, MIT's Coalition Against Apartheid vows 'even stronger and even bigger' action

January 19, 2024