Hong Kong

Chinese Authorities Target Christians in Hong Kong

Hong Kong pastors barred from interacting with mainland believers

Thousands of pro-Beijing protesters gather to march in the streets to demonstrate against a pro-democracy Occupy Central campaign in Hong KongChinese authorities are now exerting pressure on Christians in Hong Kong, the latest blow to freedoms in the city that has traditionally enjoyed some autonomy from the mainland, the New York Times reports.

Hong Kong’s Democrats Face Uncertain Future

Protesters, U.S. officials have few options to pressure China on resistance to democratic reforms

Tents set up by pro-democracy protesters are seen in an occupied area outside government headquarters in Hong Kong's Admiralty district in Hong Kong Tuesday, Nov. 11Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement is likely to incur more resistance to reforms in the coming years after the recent defeat of a China-backed proposal for restricted elections in the city, analysts say. Nearly 50,000 people demonstrated in the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday, the anniversary of the city’s transfer from British to Chinese rule in 1997. Democracy advocates say Beijing has failed to fulfill its promise to Hong Kong of sustaining a “one country, two systems” policy, whereby city residents would enjoy free elections and more civil liberties than the mainland.

Hong Kong Press Under Assault

Journalists subject to censorship and violent intimidation, new report says

Tens of thousands of people gather at Hong Kong's Victoria park to join a protest march to oppose a planned civil disobedience campaign by pro-democracy activists in Hong KongHong Kong’s traditionally free press is increasingly under assault from the city’s police, censorship by media owners, and violent intimidation, according to a new report.

Obama on Hong Kong: It’s ‘Complicated’

Fails to offer full-throated support for pro-democracy protesters

Barack Obama, Xi JinpingPresident Barack Obama on Monday declined to speak out directly on behalf of the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, stating that while U.S. officials are concerned about human rights, they must also maintain business ties with China.