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Drone flying in France

Report: FAA Regulation Will Hinder US Clout in Eventual $14B Drone Industry

With looser rules, current military, hobby industry would expand rapidly

September 11, 2015

Report: ‘Significant Security Control Weaknesses’ at FAA Threaten US Airspace

Vulnerability to cyber threats pose safety risk to U.S. airspace

March 5, 2015

Coburn on FAA Furloughs: It's Not Real, It's Cynical and It's Shameful

'When management tells the union people, we want you all to take your furlough the same day so we shut down the airlines in America, I would tell you, there's where your problem is'

Making Budget Cuts Hurt

House committees investigating whether Obama administration is making unnecessary cuts to cause pain

April 25, 2013

Forbes: FAA Sequester Furloughs Designed To Cause Maximum Pain

Steve Forbes & Art Laffer rip FAA air traffic controller furlough plan