Virginia Democratic Lawmaker Indicted for Sexual Relationship with Teenage Girl

Virginia Del. Joseph D. Morrissey / AP

Virginia Del. Joseph Morrissey (D.) was indicted Monday for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, according to WJLA.

Court documents say that Morrissey, 56, had sex several times with the teen at his law office in August 2013. The two had sent a series of text messages to their friends detailing the encounters. The morning after one tryst Morrissey texted the teen and asked for a nude photo to help him "fantasize about their next encounter," according to prosecutors.

The 17-year-old provided Morrissey with a picture, which he subsequently forwarded to a friend. Morrissey's attorney claims that his client's phone was hacked.

WJLA reports:

Neely said in court papers that Morrissey's relationship with the teen continued after she stopped working at his law firm last August. They spent the night together in a Norfolk hotel room last October and have "been seen out together socially" as recently as May, Neely said. He said Morrissey also recently helped her purchase a new car.

Morrissey has a history of scandals and controversy. The legislator brought an assault rifle onto the floor of the House of Delegates in 2013 as a protest against the demise of a gun control bill. He has been jailed or detained five times for misconduct and his law license has been suspended and revoked for contempt.

Morrissey is single and has three daughters, each from a different woman.