Tapper’s Idea to Improve WH Briefings: ‘They Could Start Providing Us with Information’

'That would'

• November 29, 2012 9:58 am


ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper has a simple idea for improving the White House press briefings: The White House could start providing information.

CHUCK TODD: Our day jobs–our job is to make Jay Carney uncomfortable. So, let's make him a little more uncomfortable. How does the White House press briefing, how does it become more informative to the American public?

TAPPER: I guess that they could start providing us with information. That would be a new–

TODD: That's always start number one. You know, the worst thing is that it's televised. And this is hard for two television reporters to say that; but, do you think we'd get more information if it wasn't televised?

TAPPER: I think so. And also, one of the interesting things is people think we're performing for the cameras. The truth is, I'm a lot more quiet on TV. I'm much more outgoing–

TODD: You're loud. We share very thin walls. You're actually kind of loud.

TAPPER: You have a baritone yourself, my friend. One of the things they could do is you know when they're trying to unveil some program we're not going to cover–like something having to do with education reform or trade that our bosses will never put on the air–

TODD: Never put on the air.

TAPPER: They bring somebody to the briefing to answer our questions–why don't they do that with Benghazi?

TODD: With Benghazi, with Afghanistan, with stuff we're covering.

TAPPER: With State Department, with CIA–why don't they do that?

TODD: Because we might actually be interested in their answers.

TAPPER: Right, they might actually have facts to share.