Sleeping 911 Operator Cost FL County $75,000

Operator on hearing of choking death: 'Another one bites the dust'.

Pasco County, Fl. owes a family $75,000 because of a 911 operator who grew frustrated with a caller and dropped the call to fall asleep while the caller's girlfriend died due to choking.

According to WTSP out of Tampa, Nancy McGhee died while choking on food because when her boyfriend called 911, the certified operator grew frustrated and passed the call along to his subordinate. It was reported that the supervisor, Dave Cook, said, "You can't do it… all right, I'm going to give you back to the operator, OK?"

Cook was the same supervisor that WTSP revealed that was found sleeping on the job prior to the call.  It was also Cook's hold-up that kept emergency services to make their way to the home.

McGhee's family sued the county and was awarded $75,000.  This will be billed to Pasco County taxpayers.