Sex, Lies, and Twitter Accounts

Media Reports Tie Fired White House Official to Second Secret Twitter Account

October 23, 2013

Media reports link the former White House official who was fired for mocking Washington’s national security elite under an anonymous Twitter handle to a second secret Twitter account that details lurid exploits with D.C. escorts.

Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast revealed on Tuesday that well-known National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph, 40, was the man behind @NatSecWonk, a prominent Twitter account that has spent the past two years attacking and ridiculing the D.C. national security community.

Now, however, follow-up reports claim Joseph may also have been writing as @DCHobbyist, who bills himself as a regular patron of Washington’s sex worker scene.

The connection was first drawn in a Tuesday Politico report.

The @DCHobbyist account was abruptly locked on Wednesday morning, preventing other Twitter users from viewing his prior comments.

"Sorry, locked this account last night due to a bunch of strange tweets aimed at me," @DCHobbyist tweeted.

A second article on Tuesday in Foreign Policy magazine drew the same link between Joseph and@DCHobbyist.

"FP has also learned that Joseph is suspected of being the man behind a different Twitter handle, @DCHobbyist, which spouts spicy talk about sex and prostitutes peppered among tweets on the Washington Nationals and bike commuting," the article reported.

Speculation of a connection between the two accounts was rife among D.C. insiders in the weeks before Joseph was exposed as @NatSecWonk.

The @DCHobbyist had previously described himself as a "hobbyist in search of an upscale [Girlfriend Experience] with a striking young beauty," according to preserved and cached versions of tweets made available to the Washington Free Beacon.

@DCHobbyist’s Twitter feed featured a mix of sex industry commentary, flirtatious messages to apparent escorts, and observations on national security and D.C. politics.

"#IWantToBe that hobbyist who gives hobbyists a good name by treating escorts with respect and decency—like all human beings deserve ; )" he tweeted.

@DCHobbyist wrote in an Oct. 21 tweet to a woman with a scantily clad Twitter picture, "Some nice photos, but only one of the sexy ebony courtesan who has me all flustered? #notgoodenough."

But in between salacious tweets, @DCHobbyist also tried to portray himself as a Washington insider.

@DCHobbyist wrote during an Oct. 13 Twitter exchange about Iranian nuclear negotiations with former State Department official Vali Nasr, "As I trust you recall from your days at the State Department, Ministers are good at closing deals, not getting them started."

@DCHobbyist replied in a message to a Twitter user who had complained there were no coffee shops open near the White House before 7 a.m., "No ME Swings?," a reference to M.E. Swing Co. on G and 17th Street. "Try the @starbucks on Penn Ave off 17th …"

And when one attractive, lingerie-clad tweeter pleaded for her "lovers in DC really need to gift me tickets to the next White House correspondents dinner," @DCHobbyist responded, "You really don't want that gift. It's overcrowded and overhyped and filled with preening a-holes. You deserve much better!"

@DCHobbyist said in a written interview with YouTube commentator Logan Wright last year that he was in his late thirties, earned a six-figure income, and spent up to $6,000 on escort services per year.

He said he was drawn to the hobby because of his love of variety in his sex life.

"Frankly, meeting new ladies is what keeps me so interested," @DCHobbyist said in a February interview with "I know some may not like this answer, but a primary reason why I am see escorts is my attraction to multiple women, of all hues and types."

Joseph was reportedly identified as @NatSecWonk last week after a months-long investigation.

Calls placed to a phone number listed as Joseph’s were not answered. He did not respond to inquiries at email addresses listed to his name. Joseph’s wife, Carolyn Leddy, a senior staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, did not respond to an email request for comment.

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