Sanders Supporters Throw $1,001 at Clinton Motorcade Going to Hollywood Fundraiser

George Clooney / AP
April 17, 2016

During a protest against Hillary Clinton on Friday, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) threw $1,001 in singles at Clinton’s motorcade as she was on her way to attend a fundraiser at the home of George Clooney, CNN reported.

The protestors said the demonstration was supposed to represent the absurdity of campaign finance laws and to protest the amount of money funneled into political campaigns by Wall Street and wealthy celebrities.

Once Clinton’s motorcade drove through the protest, Sanders’ supporters "danced in the street, stomping on the dollar bills."

One protestor named Howard Gold explained he doesn’t support the former first lady because of her foreign policy views.

"She is the most militaristic of any of the candidates," Gold, 56, said, citing Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. "I really think she is."

The $1,001 were all single dollar bills, which were distributed to the protestors by Gold. His family founded the 99 Cents Only Stores.

Clinton’s campaign defended her celebrity-studded fundraiser by attacking Sanders, saying the Vermont Senator has only recently started raising money for Democrats while Clinton has done so for a long time.

"Hillary Clinton has made it a priority to raise money for Democrats up and down the ballot, and we’re grateful to everyone who supports the party," said Christina Reynolds, a Clinton campaign spokeswoman. "We frequently hear about how much money Senator Sanders is raising; maybe he can send a few of those $27 donations to the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and state parties across the country to help the party he hopes to lead."