Sanders Still Registered as Independent Despite Claims He’s a ‘Democrat For Life’

Bernie Sanders / AP

Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager insisted on Wednesday that the socialist presidential candidate is a "Democrat for life," but Sanders’ Senate campaign recently filed documentation declaring him an independent, public records show.

"He is a Democrat. He’s said he’s a Democrat, and he’s going to be supporting the Democratic nominee, whoever that is," said Jeff Weaver, manager of Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Asked whether he is a "Democrat for life," Weaver insisted, "yes."

Sanders said in November that he would run in all future elections as a member of the Democratic Party.

However, when Sanders’ Senate campaign committee renewed its registration with the Federal Election Commission in October, it listed its party affiliation as "independent."

The FEC continues to list that campaign committee and Sanders himself as independent and not affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Sanders has been a registered independent since his successful 1980 run for mayor of his native Burlington, Vermont. He caucuses with the Democratic Party in the Senate.