Reality Check: CNBC Poll Shows Confidence In Obama On Economy Sinks To New Low

Confidence in President Obama's handling of the economy has sunk to a new low, with just 24 percent saying they are confident in the president's policies and goals, according to a new CNBC All-America survey released Tuesday.

The nine-point drop from the previous low point in June 2013 is coupled with a whopping 44 percent that said they have "no confidence at all" in the president's economic policies.

Most strikingly, those that were "quite" confident in the Obama economy in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in June 2013 fell by seven percentage points–essentially giving the president an "F" after giving him a "B" last year.

Out of 805 Americans surveyed, 74 percent said they had little or no confidence in the president, despite a jobs report that appears hopeful, but when compared to other presidents handling job creation during a recession, looks increasingly poor.