Rand Paul Explains His Vote to Confirm Hagel

Paul: I don't know if Hagel will be a good Sec. Def.

February 27, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) sought to explain the apparent contradiction between voting against cloture yet for the confirmation of Secretary Hagel Wednesday on FNC.

Paul explained his vote against cloture was an attempt to get more information from the Administration on a variety of issues, while the vote in favor of confirmation was meant to show constitutional deference to the president for cabinet posts:

BILL HEMMER: One more question here, Senator, if I could. You helped lead the charge publicly against Chuck Hagel. Yet he you voted to confirm him as Defense Secretary. He was sworn two hours ago at the Pentagon. Why the vote to favor him?

RAND PAUL: I filibustered him twice because I wanted more information, and I think when Republicans stick together we could get information. I was disappointed several on my side after they filibustered him immediately announced they wouldn't continue the filibuster so we never got the information. I'm the same way on Brennan. I want more information on drone strikes in America. On final passage though I take the position that the president does have some leeway and some prerogative in who he appoints to political appointees. So I would like to get as much information as we can. I will stick with the party, if the party will stick together to try to get more information. In the end I voted for John Kerry also although I agree with almost nothing that John Kerry represents.

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